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Hello Storyteller!

Thank you for agreeing to tell a story at our upcoming Fireside Storytelling event. Please read this information completely and carefully … there are important things you need to know and do.


  • Fireside stories are true, first person stories told live, without the aid of notes or a script.
  • Stories should be around 10 minutes long. It’s ok to go a little short, or a little long, but try to keep it close. (If you see the emcee giving you the “wrap it up” sign, please do so.)
  • Our format: there are 6 total storytellers at each event — 3 stories in the first half, a short intermission, then 3 in the second half.
  • We determine the line-up order … if you’d like a specific place in the line-up, let us know beforehand.
  • There will be an emcee introducing each storyteller. If you’d like the emcee to say something specific about you, let them know before the show.
  • We may record (audio and/or video) your performance for later publication on our website. Let us know beforehand if you’d rather not be recorded.
  • Your name will be listed on our website (, Facebook page ( and possibly on our Twitter feed (@FiresideStory). If you prefer to not be listed, or would like us to list a specific stage name, please let us know.
  • Your admission is complimentary, and please have a drink or two in the green room!
  • In case your friends are wondering, admission is $15, and it’s BYOB.


  • Please arrive at the SF Institute of Possibility (3359 Cesar Chavez) by 7:30pm on the night of the show, and check in with one of the organizers. Allow yourself a little extra time to find parking.
  • The show will start at 8pm and it will end around 10:30pm.


  • Please send a short bio (75 words max) for our program to as soon as you get this email.
  • Please help us with promotion … send information about the show to your friends, Facebook and/or email lists!! It makes a big difference in drawing a good audience for you.
  • Practice telling your story a few times to figure out how long it is. You may want to record yourself on video or audio, or practice with a friend.
  • We don’t use microphones at Fireside because we like the intimacy of oral storytelling. If you speak quietly, practice projecting your voice so everyone can hear you.
  • Relax and enjoy yourself when you’re on stage.

Any questions, let us know. See you at the show!